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Meet our Peruvian PhD student working on international forest policy

My name is Fredy Polo and I have started working as a Research Associate at the Tropical Forest Chair of the Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products from 1 April 2021. As part of this position I will join the newly constituted Research Group “International Forest Governance and Multilateralism” to work under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lukas Giessen and Dr. Sarah Burns developing research on regional forest regimes in cooperation with international organisations as part of my PhD project entitled: “Foreign forest affairs – Knowledge and power in international regime governance initiatives”.

©Fredy Polo
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The Republic of Tatarstan celebrated the International Day of Forests

Prof. Albrecht Bemmann greeted (virtually) his colleagues as well as students and pupils in the Republic of Tatarstan who had gathered at the Faculty of Forestry of Kazan State Agricultural University for the International Day of Forests.

Prof. Albrecht Bemmann © A. Moosmann.

This is not the first year that the Republic of Tatarstan celebrates the Day of Forest with the whole world. Traditionally, foresters meet with students and pupils on this day with informative presentations in the Republic’s Forestry School. From an early age, the inhabitants of Tatarstan are taught how important forests are for the entire planet and how important the contribution of each individual inhabitant is to their preservation. Every resident of Tatarstan can make such a contribution by participating in the annual tree planting organised by the Republic’s Ministry of Forestry: since 2011, 25 million saplings have been planted on more than 7,000 hectares by volunteers in the Republic.

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Interdisciplinary module “praxiSDG”

New learning format for Tropical Forestry students offered. The summer 2021 edition of praxiSDG is conjointly supported by the Chair of Political Science with a focus on International Politics, the Chair of Business Administration, esp. Sustainability Management and Operational Environmental Economics, the Chair of Business Management, esp. Environmental Management, and the Chair of Tropical and International Forestry.

The interdisciplinary module “praxiSDG”, a service learning course in the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), is offered by the Faculty of Economics.
It is an optional additional module of 5 credit points (which means you can not subsitute any FOMT/FOMS module with it).

You can find all relevant information on the contents and schedule in OPAL:


If you would like to participate, please inscribe for the module via OPAL. Inscription is already open and there are only 30 places available.

“There is nothing small about forest smallholders” – Panel discussion at the 3rd International Forest Policy Meeting

How do institutions affect small-scale forestry at multiple levels? How does the institutional change process drive small-scale forest use/forest management? What could be the future orientations on organizational governance on small-scale forestry? Those are the overarching questions we strived to address during a panel discussion at the online 3rd International Forest Policy Meeting (IFPM3), hosted by the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy of the University of Freiburg. Our session was titled “Small-scale forest policy and institutions: Review and cases from the Global South” and moderated by Duncan MacQueen from the IIED. Our post-doc, Dr. Jude N. Kimengsi, and doctoral candidates Kendisha S. Hintz, Marcel Starfinger, Michael Jenke, La Thi Tham, and Dagninet Amare each contributed with a presentation.

A screenshot of the opening of the panel by the moderator
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Welcoming one of our alumni to the CamForst Project

My name is Raphael Owusu, a national of Ghana. I joined the Institute of International Forestry and Forests Products as a Research Assistant in February 2021 to work with the research team for the CamForst Project. I am currently living in Dresden, after having completed the master course in Tropical Forestry at the Institute of International Forestry and Forests Products of the TU Dresden, Germany in 2020.

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ASTAT: a two-day video conference on the project results in 2020

Project partners at the video conference on 09 and 11 Dec 2021
© Press service Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan

Workshop within the ASTAT project scheduled for December 2020 took place online due to the global pandemic. Project partners from Dresden, Tharandt, Kazan and Saint Petersburg met in a format of video conference on two days – December 09 and 11 –  and exchanged opinions on the current state of research and plans for 2021 under the current Corona conditions.

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