Forest ins Arts – Art in Forests: first semester closing excursion to the “Neue Meister” art gallery in Dresden

20180202_122506[1739]Celebrating the end of the first semester the Tropical Forestry Master Course had the pleasure to visit the art gallery “Neue Meister” at the Albertinum in Dresden together with Professor Pretzsch and the Ph.D. students. As one current main exhibition is referring to the German Forest (“Deutscher Wald”), we had the wonderful opportunity to finish the first semester with combining issues of forestry, culture, and history. Thus, this one-day excursion was not only a linkage of free time activity and study but also a chance of reflecting and re-framing our perspective of nature and forestry.

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Invasive species in Namibia – a BSc research report

Dense riparian vegetation on the banks of the Orange River consisting of invasive Prosopis as well as native species

I am Daniel Oberhauser from Germany and I traveled to Namibia where I investigated how invasive plants can be removed from a national park by bringing local communities on board. With this research I completed the BSc Forest Sciences at the Technische Universität Dresden in August 2017.

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Tropentag – Call for Papers

The international conference Tropentag calls for the submission of papers. Tropentag’s theme of this year is “Global food security and food safety: the role of universities”. It will take place in Ghent, Belgium, 17-19 September 2018.

Tropentag is an annual interdisciplinary conference on research in tropical and subtropical agriculture, natural resource management and rural development. It is very popular among PhD and MSc students at the Chair of Tropical Forestry over the last years. For young scientists, it provides a good chance to present own research results, gain insight in current pressing topics and research outcomes, as well as a platform for international networking.


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New Webinar on Deforestation and REDD+ with Dr. Philip Fearnside


On January 17, 2018, we continued our Webinar series for our Tropical Master Course students and invited further guest listeners. Over 50 people joined the famous ecologist Dr. Philip Fearnside when he gave this mind-opening presentation on “Deforestation and REDD+ with examples from the Amazon region of Brazil”. The topic came right from his present research as Professor in the Department of Environmental Dynamics at the National Institute for Research in Amazonia (INPA) in Manaus, Brazil. He has worked in Amazonia and other regions of the world for over 40 years including his Ph.D. in 1978 from University of Michigan. His research is documented in over 600 professional publications and he received many honors (

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WoodCluster: Behind the Scene


The interdisciplinary and international WoodCluster team

The WoodCluster project is entering its second year! Carrying out an international, multi-stakeholder project not only requires rigorous research, but also a lot of coordination and management. On January 17th 2018, the WoodCluster team at the Chair of Tropical Forestry in Tharandt gathered to discuss the progress of the project and determine the next steps in 2018 and beyond.

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WoodCluster project steps forward – Identification of the study village in Ethiopia

Interview of local represantative to discuss the integration of the village into the WoodCluster project

For advancing the WoodCluster research and higher education cooperation, two scientists from our institute, Prof. Pretzsch and Dr. Auch, met with the Ethiopian partner team from the Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources (Hawasa University) end of November 2017. Continue reading

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Global Landscape Forum 2017 – An exciting event for Tharandt students


glf_bonn_pictureBetween the 19th and 20th of December 2017 the Global Landscape Forum (GLF) took place in Bonn, Germany. The GLF is the world’s largest science-led platform aiming in addressing landscape-issues through dialogue by putting communities first. During this year’s forum, more than 1,000 participants joined, and between them, thirteen students of the Tropical Forestry Masters joined and listened to renowned speakers of the World Bank, UNDP, IUFRO, WWF, German Federal Ministry of Environment, former presidents, indigenous people, scientists, youth representatives and other international NGOs.

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