COPs Talks @ TU Dresden

As 2nd year MSc. Students in the Tropical Forestry Management at TU Dresden, we (Andrea Cornejo and Igor Barboza) gladly welcome TU Dresden professors, students, and everybody interested in forests-climate nexus to join the COPs Talks, co-create, and connect.

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Tropical Forestry Welcome Weekend: A Touch with Nature and Forests in Germany

Have you ever dreamed of being in the middle of temperate forests with a mixture of broadleaf and needle-leaf tree species? Our first experience with German Forests started at the “Welcome Weekend” of our Tropical Forestry Master Programme, which is a well-known international programme in Germany located in the beautiful town namely Tharandt. The master programme is organized by the Chair of Tropical Forestry under the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden). It is a two years programme aiming to educate executives in the development of scientifically based, innovative and sustainable concepts in tropical forestry and management. Our first day at the programme begins with an unexpected welcome event organized by the student module tutors of the 2nd batch, Alice and Ha, and responsible persons from the Institute.

Getting to know each other and German temperate forests at “Dresdner Heide”
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SUTROFOR field school goes Saxony: What comes after the spruce?

This year the SUTROFOR joint summer module was different from previous years. As per our initial schedule we were supposed to go to Nepal for our summer module but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation made this impossible and at the end of June, the administration proposed alternative solutions – 1) field work in Wales, 2) field work in Saxony, 3) field work in French Guyana and 4) desk assignment- to move forward with the course. We chose for the field work in Saxony and we are delighted to share our experiences to all.

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Successful hybrid doctoral defense of Busha Teshome on cluster analysis for forest and wood-processing industry sector development in Ethiopia

On September 29th 2021, Busha Teshome Tolera from Ethiopia successfully defended his doctoral defense. Busha conducted his research on “Cluster analysis for forest and wood-processing industry sector development in Ethiopia“, which contributed to the WoodCluster project.

Busha Teshome Tolera during his doctoral defense (©Tolera)
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Call for DAAD Scholarship Applications for Admission 2022


You  are invited to attend the 2022 MSc Course in TROPICAL FORESTRY. The course is taught in English at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), one of the 11 German Universities of Excellence.

Over many decades, the international orientation and socio-economic focus have made this 2-year MSc course unique in Europe. You will benefit from the international background of our research and lecturing scientists who supervise your field research in the tropics. In addition socio-economic and general aspects of tropical forestry, the course also includes specific topics of climate change related carbon forestry, agroforestry and land use change. Another plus: As public university TUD exempts students from tuition fees!

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An alumnus, Vianny, as a speaker at GLF Africa 2021

One of our DAAD scholar graduates (batch 2015-2017), Vianny Ahimbisibwe, had recently been a speaker at the Global Landscapes Forum Africa 2021 in a session titled “Know how needed for successful forest landscape restoration in Africa”. Working as a research scientist at the Thünen Institute of International Forestry and Forest Economics, while pursuing his doctoral degree at the TU Munich, Vianny talked about “Forest Landscape Restoration: What Generates Failure and Success?”. His presentation was based on his recent research with colleagues, published in the journal Forests.

The session discussed about fundamental practices and skills required by various stakeholders to support FLR efforts, particularly in Africa. The other speakers in the session were represented by University of Geneva, Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, WWF Madagascar, and Michigan State University. For more information about the session, kindly click this link.