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Workshop on Project Monitoring and Reporting: Introduction to Geographic Methods using Open-Source Software

BluoVerda Deutschland e.V., an association established by alumni from the MSc and PhD program at our Chair of Tropical Forestry and Weltweit e.V., are organizing the online workshop “Project Monitoring and Reporting: Introduction to Geographic Methods using Open-Source Software”.

This is an introductory course that teaches how to use the open-source software OpenForis and QGIS to generate spatial information for monitoring and reporting project activities and outputs. Using a learning-by-doing approach, it addresses the theoretical and practical knowledge required for spatial data collection and visualization.

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Job call – Tutor for the MsC Tropical Forestry

The chair of Tropical Forestry at the TUD is offering a Tutor position for the Tropical Forestry Master Course in Tharandt. Due to the Corona pandemic the previous process was interrupted, therefore the deadline for application is extended to 29.05.2020cropped-logo_professur_tropische_forstwirtschaft.jpg. The interested persons still can submit their applications to tropen@mailbox.tu-dresden.de

The position offers the opportunity to acquire intercultural and social skills and to gain work experience in advice and coordination in an international team with partners from all over the world . A detailed description  about the position can be found on the webpage of the TUD.

Virtual Dresden Nexus Conference 2020

Dresden_Nexus_Conference_2020_LogoThe third edition of the Dresden Nexus Conference (eDNC2020) will take place 3–5 June 2020 as online event under the theme “Circular Economy in a Sustainable Society”. The registration is now open and this event is entirely free of charge. You can find  more information about the programme here. Read More

Job call: Research fellow for ASTAT project

In our institute of International Forestry and Forest Products, at the Chair of Tropical Forestry, a project position as research fellow in the BMEL project “Development of Sustainable Forest Management and Utilization Concepts for Aspen-Dominated Forests in the Republic of Tatarstan (ASTAT)” („Entwicklung  nachhaltiger  Waldbewirtschaftungs- und Nutzungskonzepte  für durch Aspen geprägte  Waldbestände in der Republik Tatarstan  (ASTAT)“) is to be filled with 75% of the regular weekly working time until 31.12.2022. The job call can be accessed on TU Dresden’s job offer website. Despite the German job description, international applicants are welcome. Russian language skills are an advantage. Please send the applicaiton to the contact stated in the job call.  

Tropical Forestry work and study life in times of COVID-19

Online lecture with Prof. Kapp and MSc students(©IIFFP)

The global pandemic of COVID-19 changed the work and social life of our institute from one day to the other, like almost every else’s one in the world. Since 21 March, the TU Dresden operates in emergency mode. Only a limited number of staff is allowed to be at the offices. Everyone else works from home. Face-to-face teaching is suspended for the whole summer semester. Only very selected teaching events that require students to attend can slowly take place from May on. What at first, we tough was unimaginable, is now part of our daily lives. Read More

SUTROFOR Field Course Experience in Uganda

Beautiful landscape in Uganda but prone to landslide risks (©Sutrofor)

The Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) program Joint Summer Module took place in western Uganda, on the outskirts of the Budongo Forest Reserve (BFR). I am Heath Peter Jorgenson and I am happy to share my experience as one of the students participating in the program.

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