Kick-off of the new ‘Internationalization’ project

20160920_165020A first group meeting on 20th September marked the kick-off of the new Internationalization program at the Institute of Tropical Forestry in Tharandt. With the program, the institute will follow three major aims: to develop and complement its study program, increase its visibility, and strengthen the established networking facilities.

As part of a more computer-affine study program, Dr Francois Jost is currently working on an e-learning module on the rehabilitation of degraded landscapes through afforestation/reforestation which will be offered to the master students of the MSc Tropical Forestry program in the near future.

Furthermore, prospective master students will soon be able to prepare for their upcoming studies with two bridging modules on “World Forestry” and “Forest Growth and Yield” which are currently developed by Klemens Köhler.

Last but not least, Tropical Forestry graduate Roksolana Petrovska is in charge of connecting and improving the networking between our alumni, current students and research partners through an alumni club and an improved social media presence. The latter also includes this blog which will offer insights into student life at the institute, updates about research, field trips and much more.

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