Succesful Doctoral Defense of Francois Jost

Congratulations to Dr Francois Jost on his successful defense of his doctoral thesis on “Sustainable livelihood strategies for risk reduction in the Andes”! For this special event, Prof. Lojka from the Czech University of life science in Prague was invited/visited and together with TU Dresden supervisors Prof. Pretzsch and Prof Deegen joined in an enthusiastic and profound discussion …

Dr Jost was especially praised for his holistic approach on a very complex matter and his endurance in collecting a wide data set on social, ecological and financial data. His work displays also a practical usability for the Peruvian farmers and is “a big step ahead” also for the institute.

The defense benefitted from the numerous presence of the new master students of the tropical forestry program which got their first glimpse of where their MSc could take them in the future. After all the serious business, the fresh doctor together with family and friends mingled with students, professors and staff in the after-defense party. Whilst enjoying homemade Peruvian food and German beer everybody got the chance to admire Dr Jost’s exquisite and traditional headwear for the day and his advanced skills in beer pong (during which he incidentally beat his supervisor Prof. Pretzsch).


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