Welcome Day Inauguration

To start of the winter semester here at the Department of Forest Sciences in Tharandt, Prof. Erler (Chair of Forest Technology) and a group of longstanding professors (including Prof. Pretzsch, Chair of International Forestry) gave a warm welcome to the new master students of the three master courses (MSc Tropical Forestry, MSc Wood Technology and MSc Forestry).

This year marked the first time that such a welcome speech was addressed to all students of the three master programs together combining both international and German students.

The language border proved to be no problem/challenge as Prof. Erler and colleagues smoothly switched between German and English whilst they highlighted the importance of enhancing the networking and exchange between the students of the different master courses during their studies and beyond.

To give a brief overview of where the different master courses can lead in life, guest speaker Mike Eller from Sachsenforst (the Forestry Commission of Saxony) and Dr Andre Lindner (CIPSEM, TU Dresden) were invited to give a brief outlook on the opportunities in a German state forestry commission and the research field of tropical forestry.

This inter-disciplinary event was then followed by Prof Pretzsch who greeted the new batch of tropical forestry students in their academic home for the next two years, the Cotta Bau. The students received a brief introduction about the course and life in and around Tharandt, Dresden and Saxony followed by an introduction by our tutors Paul and Roksolana.

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