Corporate Social Responsibility: Excursion to Zittau


On Friday 16th December, students of first and last semester of M.Sc. Tropical Forestry gathered together to take a train for an excursion to Zittau.  The team reached Zittau station by 10:30 am and started walking towards the city centre where the International Hochschulinstitut (IHI), a small institute of TU Dresden is located. This city, situated in the south east of the Free State of Saxony, is close to the border tri-point of Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic, and still shows its original beauty with many houses from several periods of German architecture.

All the students, accompanied by Professors Dr. Pretzsch and Dr. Auch, were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Lohr, who presented in details ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, including its history and with an example of the Bhogal Gas tragedy, since when CSR received more attention of world.

This excursion was an opportunity, first, to discover the Corporate Social Responsibility and to learn directly from an expert of the subject. Secondly, to meet all together with the students of the Tropical Forestry Master, and to share time in the train. But also to discover the city of Zittau and its small typical Christmas market!

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