Examining forest sector interdependence in Ethiopia

Plantation of Grevillea Robusta in the Jimma area

I am Busha Teshome, working on my doctoral thesis with the topic Cluster analysis of the forestry sector in Ethiopia. My research contributes to the WoodCluster project at our university’s institute.

A Cluster is a geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries, and associated institutions in a particular field that compete but also cooperate1. Recently, the integration of actors within the cluster is recognized to improve forest resource. In Ethiopia, the existing information on forest cluster is fragmented which necessitates a comprehensive analysis of the forest sector interconnectedness with other sector and its significance to the national economy.

Various industrial wood products are produced, imported, exported and consumed in Ethiopia. It was quite difficult to get an accurate overall picture of the total number of forest enterprises in the country or their output, due to lacking adequate information. When considering the current and expected increasing demand of wood products in the country, it is assumed that the sector has a potential to make a significant economic contribution in the future. The linkage analysis shows that the forest sector has limited backward linkages with other sectors while the wood product industries have strong backward linkages with the rest of the economy.


The data collection uses various data sources from micro to macro level. It was a good experience to work and visit the old machines of wood product industries in the country. It was also an opportunity to meet managers who were happy to be interviewed and tell their story.

I express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. Jürgen Pretzsch and thanks to WoodCluster project. I also thank people who shared their time and knowledge in the field.

Busha Teshome


1Porter, M.E. (2000), Location, competition, and economic development: Local clusters in a global economy, in: Economic Development Quarterly, 14(1): 15–34.


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