Bridging agriculture and forestry: Tropical forestry contributed to the Tropentag 2017 conference

Keynote speech of Bina Agarwal about supporting women in agriculture

The annual international Tropentag conference is a popular conference among researchers and students who are doing researches in the tropics. It offers particularly young researchers not only to present their work but also to look for networks and collaborations. For this year, the Tropentag 2017 was held in Bonn, Germany, from 20 to 22 September, under the motto “Future Agriculture: Social-ecological transitions and bio-cultural shifts”. We, Pyi Soe Aung and Maxi Domke, two current PhD students traveled from Dresden to Bonn to represent our institute. In Bonn, we got support from Pedro Pardo Villegas, an Alumni from our Tropical Forestry MSc course, and we joined the almost 800 participants at the University of Bonn. The Tropentag invited speakers from diverse disciplines to cover ecological, livelihood, economic and social issues in the Global South.

Pyi Soe gave an oral presentation in the session of “Land Use and Land Use Change”. He presented results from his ongoing PhD thesis and talked about “Changes in Local Land Tenure System in Response to Swidden Transformation in Southern Chin State, Myanmar” (Abstract). His presentation highlighted the role of customary institutions in maintaining the resilience of swidden farmers in Myanmar, and pointed out how these institutions have changed within community after the new cash crops were introduced.

Maxi presented a poster on “Knowledge Management for Sustainable Agricultural Development” (Abstract, Poster).  It gave insight on a multi-level analysis of obstacles and potentials for knowledge exchange and transfer in Ethiopia.

Pedro presenting a study on incentives for agroforestry in Peru

Pedro made the long journey from Guatamala to present two research works, and he did a great job. He managed to present two posters in parallel sessions. The first one was about “Vegetation-Based Indicators for Assessing Ecosystem Services of Cacao Agroforestry Systems, Buffer Zone of Abiseo River National Park, Peru” (Abstract, Poster). The second one dealt with “Incentives for the Implementation of Agroforestry Concessions: Experiences from Communities in the Peruvian Amazon” (Abstract, Poster).  Here, Pedro is a member of a working group together with Nicolas Rojas, another Alumni from our MSc course.

Beside our presentations, we had the chance to get updated on research activities of other universities and organizations, and get in contact with other scientists.

Networking at the Tropentag conference

A great surprise happened in the closing ceremony. Maxi’s poster is one of the five posters that were awarded as the best scientific posters out of all 300 posters that were presented.

We thank the organizers to facilitate the Tropentag coference and our institute for the support to take part. We are looking forward to the next Tropentag 2018, that will be held from 17-19 September 2018 in Ghent, Belgium.

By Pyi Soe Aung and Maxi Domke

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