WoodCluster: Behind the Scene


The interdisciplinary and international WoodCluster team

The WoodCluster project is entering its second year! Carrying out an international, multi-stakeholder project not only requires rigorous research, but also a lot of coordination and management. On January 17th 2018, the WoodCluster team at the Chair of Tropical Forestry in Tharandt gathered to discuss the progress of the project and determine the next steps in 2018 and beyond.

The WoodCluster project is steered and supported by an interdisciplinary team, consisting of the scientific staff members of the Chair of Tropical Forestry and one from Physical Geography department of TU Dresden, and young international researchers from Germany, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Uganda and Indonesia. Integrating different perspectives and expertise together is surely vital to the success of the WoodCluster project.

Now the team is working on a multitude of tasks. For the teaching component, we are organizing a summer school with African students in Tanzania. A prerequisite for this activity as well as for the research component, is to design and conduct a baseline study to capture fundamental information of the local study sites in Africa. Additionally, we are planning national scenario workshops in the participating project countries and clarify research topics pertinent to the objectives of WoodCluster in close cooperation with the African partner institutions.

For our activities, of course, we have to consider institutional regulations of the partner universities like semester schedules as well the conditions in the countries for travelling, like rainy seasons and visa conditions. All these aspects differ among the countries and need well planning and preparation ahead of time. A responsibility but also very interesting task for the project team.

By Kendisha Hintz

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