Visitors from Madagascar

20180413_111332 - brighter.jpgOn April 13th, a group of students from Gymnasium Altenberg and the Madagascan village Anjahambe finished their students exchange program by visiting the forestry campus in Tharandt.

The idea to introduce young students to forest-related topics at the world`s second oldest forest faculty was made possible by Jens Weber, who is a former student of forestry and has kept good contact to his former place of studies, Tharandt, ever since. Weber also initiated an exchange program together with Grüne Liga and Ranoala e.V., which emphasizes the importance of reforestation and forest conservation both in Madagascar and Germany.


After the group had arrived, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pretzsch, Dr. Eckhard Auch and Prof. Dr. Gerald Kapp from the institute of international forestry each held a small lecture on forest-related topics. The students were introduced to topics such as silvicultural sustainability, agro-forestry and the history of the forest faculty in Tharandt in hopes to spark the young people`s interest to pursue a career in the forest sector.

During their stay, the group not only visited the campus and the botanical gardens, but also the Johannishöhe Tharandt were they learned about ecological agriculture.

It has been a pleasure to host our guests from Altenberg and Anjahambe and we hope to maybe someday welcome one of these young people as bachelor or master students of forestry in Tharandt again!

Jonas Keil

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