Urban gardens: First excursion for first semester MSc. Tropical Forestry

The past Tuesday 9th October was held the first of many excursions that we will attend in our two year experience studying the Msc. Tropical Forestry. The group headed by Dr. Auch and around 20 students went to visit two important examples of ‘Urban gardens’ in Germany, which are green spaces managed in urban environments.

The first urban garden was an association of allotment garden managed since 1912 called “Höhenluft I”. The chairpeople of this association, together with some gardeners received us very warmly and gave us a presentation of the history, organization, current function, challenges, and philosophy of living close to nature. It was very nice for us to have a closer contact with some gardeners and hear from by them own experiences, how much they love gardening, live together in a community, and enjoy the nature.

The association total area is 47,530 m2 distributed in 184 plots, from 160 to 400m2 and for more information you can visit: www.hoehenluft.info

The second example was a neighborhood-garden in Dresden called “Apfelgarten” managed by around 15 people of different ages, backgrounds, but all very enthusiastic. The garden started in 2014, and by the time we were eating fresh yellow, red, purpule and brown tomatoes, Dr. Maxi Domke gave us a tour inside the garden, the motivation, challenges, and next steps of the group. In the Apfelgarten you can appreciate vegetables like tomatoes, tubers, pumkings, lots of different types of herbs, and of course apfeltrees.

To see more information about the Apfelgarten and other 25 neighborhood gardens like this in Dresden you can visit www.dresden-pflanzbar.de

Norma Pedroza

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