MSc Defense on Eucalyptus Value Chain in Ethiopia

Asabeneh Alemayehu successfully defended his MSc thesis research on 26th November 2018. In his research, Asabeneh conducted a value chain analysis of Eucalyptus poles and fuelwood in Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia, to identify upgrading options for improved value chain processes.
With this Master thesis, another research work is added to the WoodCluster project outcomes. Asabeneh’s results were also presented by him and integrated in the PIP stakeholder workshops in Ethiopia in June 2018 as project activity. It provided empirical data to support a profound discussion among the relevant stakeholders from the production to the processing and trading stage.

We thank Asabeneh for his good work and wish him all the best for his professional and private life in Ethiopia.

By Maxi Domke

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