Webinar series – winter semester 2018-19

In November and December 2018, we continued our Webinar series for our Tropical Master Course students and invited guest listeners.

December 7th, 2018: Webinar on “Deforestation and REDD+ with examples from the Amazon region of Brazil” with Dr. Philip Fearnside – Research Professor, Department of Environmental Dynamics, National Institute for Research in Amazonia (INPA), Manaus, Brazil


In his presentation Dr. Fearnside provided numerous insights into one of the most complex and controversial topics of today’s international policy agenda, with instructive examples how economics, markets and politics shape the Amazonian land-use dynamics and the important role of the Amazonian forest for maintaining the water cycle, biodiversity, local people’s livelihood, and to contain global warming.

You are invited to have a look at the presentation slides or to watch the complete Webinar here:


The second webinar on “Bamboo technology in Vietnam”, by Dr. Le Xuan Phuong, Associated Professor of Forestry, Vietnam National University of Forestry and Dean of the Wood Industry College, Hanoi, Vietnam, took place on November 9th, 2018.


Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and abundantly available in all tropical countries. Due to its light weight and smaller dimension compared to trees, and multiple uses it is especially suitable for farmers with low mechanization. Prof. Phuong explained that with its distinct material properties bamboo is a highly competitive material to timber and he presented a large number of products over the bamboo value chain.

You are invited to have a look at the presentation slides or to watch the complete Webinar here:



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