Chair of Tropical Forestry in PRISMA General Meeting and Symposium

PRISMA Mitgliederversammlung

PRISMA General Meeting

The Chair of Tropical Forestry is a member of PRISMA (“Performance and Policy Research in Sustainability Measurement and Assessment”) of the TU Dresden. On January 22nd 2019, the Chair, represented by Prof. Pretzsch, Dr. Maxi Domke and Kendisha Soekardjo Hintz, attended the 4th General Meeting of PRISMA. We were warmly hosted at the UNU Flores.

With the vision to “measure and assess sustainability”, PRISMA is a network of currently 15 Professors and scientists from diverse background. PRISMA seeks to work in an interdisciplinary, nexus approach to develop concepts and methods, teaching and training and consultancy for policy, business and society.

During the General Meeting, the board reported the completed and on-going projects at the TU Dresden which are related to the issues of sustainability assessment and politics.

The meeting was followed by a symposium, divided into two groups: social indicators and environmental indicators in sustainability assessment.

Prof. Pretzsch and Dr. Saling (Director Sustainability Methods from BASF) head the working group of “social indicators”. The team of Chair of Tropical Forestry has contributed a framework of social indicators in assessing the sustainability of the WoodCluster project. There were more examples from other projects. One key lesson is that there is no panacea to assess the social sustainability of a project. It has to be tailored to the needs.

The Chair of Tropical Forestry looks forward for more collaboration with the PRISMA network. For more information about PRISMA, please visit their website.

By Kendisha S. Hintz

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