Tropical Forestry Team at Umundu Festival Dresden

Members of the Tropical Forestry team are conducting a session on “Balancing economic development and environmental sustainability” at the 11. Umundu Festival for Sustainable Development in Dresden. We will look behind the scences of products that we daily use but their sources are in tropical countries. Tran van Hiep from Vietnam and Sri Astutik  from Indonesia present the lifecycles and value of bamboo and curcuma. Furthermore, we collaborate with an Indian filmmaker, who presents scenes from his documentary on the nature’s biodiversity and the sustainable use of it by indigenous people in India. In a panel discussion, the discourse on balancing socio-economic development and sustainable consumption shall involve the participants of this session. The session is part of the festival’s symposium at the Hygiende museum, and takes part on Sunday, 29 September 2019, 11 am. More information, you will find at the Facebook announcement.

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