Welcome our new Tutor Barbara!

foto_barbara-e1571842514673.jpgHi friends! My name is Barbara Azeroth and I started working as a tutor of Tropical forestry at the Technical University Dresden. Even though I’ve only been here since October, I get along well, because I’ve already done my Bachelor´s degree here. Thus, I know the surroundings of this enchanting place, the small and big rooms of the forestry faculty, the cafeteria, some of the professors, a bunch of old friends and many special things that you find out in your student life. Although I’ve only just begun, and it is my first real employment (if selling Christmas trees and chopping wood does not count) I like it to work here. The atmosphere is good and I have great colleagues! This year there are many new and nice students who remind me in their kind and diversity very much of my own master course.

My master course “Tropical and International Forestry” at Georg August University was very similar to the local master course. Part of it was a month abroad with the whole course. This time it took place in Myanmar with the big task to create a common forestry management plan. Together with the 30 other students, I fought against mud and GPS-devices, walked through rivers and across a tropical bamboo forest for doing the necessary inventory. Of course, we got some help by the kind and understanding Forestry department of Myanmar. I was very happy to do the silvicultural part of this plan, as this one is my favourite.

An even more adventurous fieldwork experience brought me my master’s thesis, for which I spent three months in Mongolia taking samples. Countless earth wasps, snowstorms, hunger, but also wonderful all-day hikes, awakened ponies and a great landscape characterized my stay. So as you can see I´m fresh out of university.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do in this life, so I think about doing a PhD and I´m still looking for new adventures.  But of course and especially now, there is much to do for me for the new students. If you are one of them reading this article, I hope our master programme will bring you at least as much fun as I had in mine.

I wish you all the best!

Barbara Azeroth

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