Viewing forests from the sky – a guest lecture by a land monitoring specialist

Marcelo Rezende from FAO giving a guest lecture on forest monitoring tools (© M. Domke)

How to measure the global forest cover and track forest loss from your working desk? In his annual guest lecture, on 16 January,  Marcelo Rezende explained the development of land monitoring through satellite images to the students of the MSc course Tropical Forestry as well as participants of the UNEP Course at CIPSEM/TU Dresden.  In the full day interactive course, the participants were able to use the online tools and do a live monitoring assessment.

Marcelo is a specialist in land monitoring particulary of forest cover at the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Natoins (FAO) in Rome. He contributed to the development of Open Foris, a free online platform for environmental monitoring. He also co-authored the publication “The Global Tree Restoration Potential” in the well known and highly rated journal Science.  Marcelo Rezende started in 2014 with an Carlo Schmid Fellowship at FAO dealing with forest economics. In 2015 he became a consultant with the Forest Monitoring team and now works as Natural Resources Officer in the climate and environment division.

Coming to Tharandt brings a lot of memories for Marcelo as he is an Alumni of the Tropical Forestry MSc Course. From 2012 to 2014 he attended the MSc course for his MSc degree. In 2017, he reported in a blog report about his early experiences at FAO and the ones he gained from the MSc course.

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