Discussing forest rehabilitation in Africa with a German Member of Parliament

Mr. Andreas Lämmel (second row, third from left) together with Prof. Pretzsch, TUD staff members and African students at the Cotta Bau in Tharandt (©IIFFP)

Our Chair of Tropical Forestry welcomed in 2019, Mr. Andreas Lämmel – a Member of Parliament with his constituency in Dresden. Mr. Lämmel is the Chair of a working group “Africa” within his parliamentary party of the Christian Democratic Union. They are interested in afforestation activities in Africa. Mr. Lämmel himself has been already several times in Africa.

Mr. Andreas Lämmel visited our institute on 29 October 2019, together with one of his staff members. After a first introduction and discussion with Prof. Pretzsch, the team of the WoodCluster project presented the focus and activities of this project on improving small-scale wood production in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. Afterwards he met staff and students from different African countries to get their view on their countries’ situations and education stay in Germany.


After this first encounter, we are looking forward to 2020 for further networking and potentials for providing expertise and policy advice on forest rehabilitation and wood production in Africa.

By Maxi Domke

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