ASTAT: Successful video conference of the project partners

TUD team in Tharandt during the online video conference (©Ministry of Forestry, Republic Tatarstan)

Communication via videoconferencing has become part of our daily work routine in the last few months due to the COVID19 pandemic. The same applies to the partners of the research project ASTAT (“Development of sustainable forest management and use concepts for Aspen-dominated forest stands in the Republic of Tatarstan”) in Germany and the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia). In order to discuss the status of the project research and the further procedure, the colleagues met “online” in Tharandt and in Kazan, the Republic’s capital, in the morning of June 19, 2020.

Project partner in Tatarstan (©Ministry of Forestry, Republic Tatarstan)

The colleagues in Kazan were represented by the first deputy minister of forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan, Dr. Ilgizar Tsaripov, the head of the Department of Forest Reconstruction and Reforestation, Timur Galiev, the senior advisor of the Department of Forest Inventory, Forest Use and Forest Management, Ramil Gilmanschin, the director of the FBU branch of the VNIILM ‘Eastern European Forest Experimental Station’, Dr. Fedor Ilyin, and the deputy director of the VNIILM, Dr. Nais Garipov. From the side of the project partners in Tharandt, Prof. Jürgen Pretzsch, Prof. Albrecht Bemmann, Prof. Sven Wagner, Dr. Wolfram Scheiding, Dr. Anna Moosmann, Dr. Eckhard Auch, and the PhD candidate Alina Nasibullin participated in the video conference.

Despite an extensive agenda as well as the necessary translations between Russian and German, the project partners have managed, through good organization and professionalism, to address all issues and to develop appropriate proposals to move the project forward in this challenging time.

An online press release about this video conference is also available on the website of the Ministry of Forestry Republic of Tatarstan:

By Anna Moosmann

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