BluoVerda e.V – an alumni initiative for sustaining Landscapes in Latin America


Lead the scene to keep it Blue and Green! – This is the slogan of BluoVerda Deutschland e.V. A non-profit diaspora organization (“Verein” in the German legal system) established in December 2018 as an alumni initiative. BluoVerda promotes the maintenance, enhancement and recovery of ecosystems, and natural resources in Latin America and gets active through initiating and linking projects between Latin America and Germany. Its name come from Esperanto and means blue and green – as symbols for vegetation and water.

As a diaspora organization, BluoVerda facilitates the exchange of knowledge between its members and their countries of origin. By doing so, it fosters innovation and contributes to improving the living conditions of local people in Latin America. Currently, the active members’ team is comprised of six women from six different countries from Latin America (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) and two from Germany. We all are linked with the Institute of International Forestry and Forest products of the TU Dresden, where we successfully finished our masters and/or Phd studies.

We work with consideration and in support of the sustainable livelihoods of local people. We do this by inspiring and building stronger, collaborative and more equal ties among institutions, society and science, promoting also triangular cooperation (North-South/ South-South).

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Co-founders: Marolyn, Daniela, Gabriela, Tamara, Patrícia (second row), Maxi, Mariana and Soledad (first row) ©BluoVerda

BluoVerda focuses on a wide range of topics related to ecosystems, biodiversity and livelihoods. Our projects and initiatives mainly involve six key areas: climate, forests & wildlife, marine, freshwater, food & farming (agriculture and fisheries) and sustainable cities. By linking these areas in an integrated approach, we can better direct our resources to maintain, enhance and recover vulnerable landscapes, species and people in Latin America. As we are working in BluoVerda on a voluntary basis without a permanent funding source, we are applying for funding with different regional, national and international institutions and campaigns, but also fund raise and welcome donations.

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Our projects are jointly done with partners in our home countries, thereby contributing actively to sustainable development at the local level. For instance, one of our most recent project is being carried out in collaboration with Arbio, which is one of our partners in Peru. The project is based on open-source software for  mapping  existing forest areas to enhance the information and visibility of the rainforest, as in the respective area, trees are cut for a highway connecting Brazil and Peru. Additionally, we have been actively supporting one of our partners in Bolivia CIWY (Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi), by raising awareness and donations for the work they have been doing to saving animals that were affected by the fires on the Amazon rainforest and by the deforestation of very old and valuable trees.

We are also involved  in education in Latin America as well as Germany. On December 2019, we participated in a Dresden Christmas market, to encourage a sustainable way of packing presents with sustainable materials and creative ideas. And recently, we offered an online workshop on monitoring with open source software in collaboration with Weltweit e.V. and the Chair of Tropical Forestry.


BluoVerda promoting sustainable packaging in a Dresden Christmas market  ©BluoVerda

As a young organization, BluoVerda welcomes volunteers that wish to engage in initiatives related to the conservation and sustainable management of natural ecosystems in Latin America. Feel free to contact us for finding out ways to engage!



Lead the scene to keep it Blue and Green!

By: Gabriela Huidobro & Maxi Domke


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