Welcoming one of our alumni to the CamForst Project

My name is Raphael Owusu, a national of Ghana. I joined the Institute of International Forestry and Forests Products as a Research Assistant in February 2021 to work with the research team for the CamForst Project. I am currently living in Dresden, after having completed the master course in Tropical Forestry at the Institute of International Forestry and Forests Products of the TU Dresden, Germany in 2020.

I have a background in Conservation Biology and Entomology from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. After my bachelor’s degree in 2017, I worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant at the Department of Conservation Biology and Entomology of the University for a year, where I started developing my research career. In September 2018, I was admitted into the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree (EMJMD) in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) program. I started the second year of the master’s studies at the Institute of International Forestry and Forests Products, TU Dresden, in October 2019, after having completed my first-year studies at the Department of Food and Natural Resources Economics (IFRO), University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Prior to my studies at TU Dresden, I participated in research work on Community Forestry Systems in Nepal as part of the SUTROFOR Spring School Programme in 2019. In TU Dresden, I undertook the thesis research entitled “Community-based Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in the Babati District of Tanzania: Determinants and Choices”. This thesis which was accomplished under the supervision of Dr. Jude N. Kimengsi and Dr. Francis Moyo employed an innovative research approach for substantial field data collection, despite the global health crisis (COVID-19) and associated travel restrictions.  A manuscript from the thesis has been co-authored by my supervisors and me and is currently under review in the Journal of Land Use Policy. 

As part of my ambition to take my research career to the next level, I have subsequently co-authored two other manuscripts with Dr. Jude N. Kimengsi which are ready for submission to relevant journals. I strongly believe that my current assignment as a Research Assistant in the institute (with the tasks of helping develop scientific papers and proposals) provides an ideal opportunity for me to contribute to the institute’s research goals while taking the chance to advance my research competence. I, therefore, look forward to gaining insightful experience by working with the research team for the CamForst Project in the institute.

By Raphael Owusu

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