Interdisciplinary module “praxiSDG”

New learning format for Tropical Forestry students offered. The summer 2021 edition of praxiSDG is conjointly supported by the Chair of Political Science with a focus on International Politics, the Chair of Business Administration, esp. Sustainability Management and Operational Environmental Economics, the Chair of Business Management, esp. Environmental Management, and the Chair of Tropical and International Forestry.

The interdisciplinary module “praxiSDG”, a service learning course in the scope of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), is offered by the Faculty of Economics.
It is an optional additional module of 5 credit points (which means you can not subsitute any FOMT/FOMS module with it).

You can find all relevant information on the contents and schedule in OPAL:;jsessionid=B46BD9C1EF3698AD884C04BAFA4EF17F.opalN9?0

If you would like to participate, please inscribe for the module via OPAL. Inscription is already open and there are only 30 places available.

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