The Republic of Tatarstan celebrated the International Day of Forests

Prof. Albrecht Bemmann greeted (virtually) his colleagues as well as students and pupils in the Republic of Tatarstan who had gathered at the Faculty of Forestry of Kazan State Agricultural University for the International Day of Forests.

Prof. Albrecht Bemmann © A. Moosmann.

This is not the first year that the Republic of Tatarstan celebrates the Day of Forest with the whole world. Traditionally, foresters meet with students and pupils on this day with informative presentations in the Republic’s Forestry School. From an early age, the inhabitants of Tatarstan are taught how important forests are for the entire planet and how important the contribution of each individual inhabitant is to their preservation. Every resident of Tatarstan can make such a contribution by participating in the annual tree planting organised by the Republic’s Ministry of Forestry: since 2011, 25 million saplings have been planted on more than 7,000 hectares by volunteers in the Republic.

The participants of the closing event were welcomed in Russian by Prof. Albrecht Bemmann from the Institute of International Forestry and Timber Products at TU Dresden. 

Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan Ravil Kuzyrov, Rector of Kazan Agricultural University Airat Valiev, employees of the Ministry of Forestry, university teachers, students of the university and pupils at the event on 19 March 2021  ©Press Service of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan

The forest, forestry and the training of professionals for this industry have become the main thing in my life. That is why International Day of Forests is a holiday for me and all my colleagues. This day is another wonderful opportunity to reflect on the forests of our planet and the importance of taking care of them. In this respect, the profession of forester, of forest scientist, is important for the present and future of our common planet Earth. More than ten years of successful scientific cooperation between the Department of Forest Sciences Tharandt of TU Dresden and the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Tatarstan have shown how much the scientists and foresters of the Republic of Tatarstan value this importance. A team of scientists and technical experts from Tatarstan and Germany has already carried out two research projects in the field of forestry: “Establishment and use of tree plantations in the Republic of Tatarstan – erosion control as well as timber production for the regional wood-based materials and pulp industry (LesPlan)” and “Optimised mixed stand establishment in Norway oak-winter lime cultures” (OMSK)”. 

Currently, the third joint Tatar-German project : “Development of sustainable forest management and utilisation concepts for forest stands characterised by aspen in the Republic of Tatarstan” is being implemented. The cooperation has not only provided the project partners with useful scientific knowledge, but has also given them the opportunity to establish friendly relations and get to know the diverse culture of the inhabitants of the Republic of Tatarstan. I am very happy that there is active scientific cooperation between our countries in the field of forestry science.  I wish all present professional achievements and new successes”.

By Anna Moosmann

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