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Greetings from Vogtland vol.1 – How to manage a large scale private forest enterprise successfully?

Our master students recently participated in a 4-day excursion in the Vogtland-region, and learned many different aspects of forestry and wood products through visits in local forest areas and companies. This blog post series, written by the participating students themselves,…

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Purple impressions in May – The annual Institute excursion: 2018 – Bombastus in Freital

Academic and technical staff, the Ph.D. students and student assistants from our Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products visited the Bombastus Werke in Freital.

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Tropical forestry practices in a German winter forest

How to measure and assess forest stands? How to determine required management interventions, and how to create a management plan on made assessments? The master students of the tropical forestry program encountered these questions during a recent field trip to…

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Forest in Arts – Art in Forests: first semester closing excursion to the “Neue Meister” art gallery in Dresden

Celebrating the end of the first semester the Tropical Forestry Master Course had the pleasure to visit the art gallery “Neue Meister” at the Albertinum in Dresden together with Professor Pretzsch and the Ph.D. students. As one current main exhibition…

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