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Call for Abstracts – AGEP and D + C Journal cooperation


“La Grammaire” by Paul Serusier, source: Wikimedia Commons

The AGEP network and the Journal for Development and Cooperation D + C are about to continue its collaborative initiative to offer AGEP students and alumni a presentation about their research topics and submit an article for the D + C journal.

Due to the high number of students expressing their wishes to publish scientific articles, the two institutions established a format in which students and alumni of AGEP-courses have the chance to submit their topic of interest in a well-known and widely read magazine.

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MSc. Tropical Forestry 2.0 – Updating our master program!

Improving the attractiveness and enriching the quality of the MSc program “Tropical Forestry” is one aim of our institute. Several measures were currently implemented. Within a project from May to July under the Multimedia Fund of the TU Dresden, Dr. François Jost acted as coordinator with the support of Prof. Dr. Gerald Kapp and Dr. Eckhard Auch to develop and implement the following measures for the MSc course: International Webinars, Audience-Response-Systems, E-Learning course, Online Self-Assessments, virtual group works (in discussion Forums). Read More

Extra curricular student activities: Community’s ecology of kettle holes pollinators in Brandenburg Project


Important hideaway for ecological diversity in an agricultural area: kettle hole in Brandenburg

During this summer, I got the opportunity to be part of the research project: Communities ecology of kettle holes pollinators in Brandenburg. This research is under the supervision of the University of Potsdam. In this project, Trupti Bhamre and I collaborate on the study design, fieldwork (data survey) and data analysis.

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Oberlausitz: Harvesting the beauty and benefit of the landscape

Oberlausitz (Upper Lusatia) is a mesmerizing area situated in between the eastern part of Saxony, western Poland, and southern Brandenburg. Here, it also can be found Oberlausitzer Heide- und Teichlandschaft Biosphere Reserve which has been admitted by UNESCO since 1996 because of the largest pond region in Germany combined with the man-made landscape for sustainable utilization. Read More

Smallholder Forestry in Tanzania – My research about a local business

Beautiful landscape in Makete district

My name is Oliver Duncker, I’m a forest science student from Germany and had a wonderful time doing the data collection for my bachelor thesis in Tanzania, in cooperation with the Sokoine University of Agriculture. Read More

Examining forest sector interdependence in Ethiopia

Plantation of Grevillea Robusta in the Jimma area

I am Busha Teshome, working on my doctoral thesis with the topic Cluster analysis of the forestry sector in Ethiopia. My research contributes to the WoodCluster project at our university’s institute.

A Cluster is a geographic concentrations of interconnected companies, specialized suppliers, service Read More