Alumni Profile: Marcelo Rezende, FAO

To some extent, the study of Tropical Forestry at TUD was repetitive for me. I had already had a background in Forestry with B.Sc. in Forest Engineering and experience while working for over 2 years in the forestry sector. Even so, I found some amazing classes such as Culture and Extension and Forest Policy that sparked my interest.

MSc research at Fiji Islands

I think, the best strategic decision I made at that time was to invest my free time in learning German (DAAD course was definitely too basic), enjoying Dresden and searching for what the next step would be. I adapted very quickly, met tons of Germans (and foreigner) friends and enjoyed different cultural activities. Continue reading

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Optimizing bamboo production systems and value chains in Vietnam

Composing bamboo boards in Tien Bo fabric, Hanoi.

The Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products received a 60,000 EURO grant to prepare over six months a large collaborative bamboo research & development (R & D) project with Vietnamese and German partners from research and state institutions, as well as the private sector. The funds are provided by the German the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework program “Research for Sustainable Development (FONA)”. Continue reading

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MSc field research experiences in Uganda

Data collection in the woodlots

Why spending only one month on the actual fieldwork? Is it sufficient? Will you get adequate data? These were some of the many questions running through my mind.

In my MSc thesis, I want to investigate the decision-making of farm households on the establishment of woodlots in Uganda. With the data from a social survey, a so called agent-based model shall be developed whereby an agent is a household unit.

Two months prior to the actual fieldwork, I established as much contacts as possible. But, in the process of organizing my fieldwork, I realized that I did not have adequate funding for the field activities. Fortunately, Continue reading

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Open Position in WoodCluster project

Within the new project WoodCluster, we are offering  a research assistant position with the possibility to qualify for PhD. Application deadline is 5 May 2017. More details are available on the website of TUD.

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DAAD Network Meeting – a Student Report

DAAD group pic

In 6th and 7th of April a special DAAD meeting took place in the city of Bonn: the network-meeting between the programmes “Development-related Postgraduate courses” (EPOS), the one which the Master of Tropical Forestry is part of, and the “Helmut Schmidt Programme – Master courses in Public Policy & Good Governance” (PPGG). Continue reading

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Project Kick-off: WoodCluster

The new BMBF-project WoodCluster, under the lead of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pretzsch for Tropical Forestry at the Institute of International Forestry and Forestry Products, was launched in the second week of February. The opening was a kick-off meeting held in one of the partner institutions, the Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources in Ethiopia. Wondo Genet means paradise and the name stands for the beauty and rich flora and fauna around the forestry college. It is a habitat but also a refuge for different animals (e.g. birds and monkeys) in a surrounding that is threatened by deforestation through humans for their daily needs. Continue reading

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Corporate Social Responsibility: Excursion to Zittau


On Friday 16th December, students of first and last semester of M.Sc. Tropical Forestry gathered together to take a train for an excursion to Zittau.  The team reached Zittau station by 10:30 am and started walking towards the city centre where the International Hochschulinstitut (IHI), a small institute of TU Dresden is located. Continue reading

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