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Viewing forests from the sky – a guest lecture by a land monitoring specialist

Marcelo Rezende from FAO giving a guest lecture on forest monitoring tools (© M. Domke)

How to measure the global forest cover and track forest loss from your working desk? In his annual guest lecture, on 16 January,  Marcelo Rezende explained the development of land monitoring through satellite images to the students of the MSc course Tropical Forestry as well as participants of the UNEP Course at CIPSEM/TU Dresden.  In the full day interactive course, the participants were able to use the online tools and do a live monitoring assessment. Read More

Diagnosing on-farm wood production through MSc research in Southern Ethiopia


Focus Group Discussion with farmers in the study site (© Fentale)

I am Bonsa Fentale, an MSc student at the department of Agroforestry and Soil Management in Wondo Genet College of Forestry & Natural Resources of Hawassa University, Ethiopia. My research aims at diagnosing the current state of wood production in the area. It emanated from the idea that the current available forest resource will not satisfy the current increasing wood demand in Ethiopia. My thesis contributes to the WoodClusterproject working on closing the wood supply gap.

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Meeting of Experts in International Forestry Research and Teaching in Germany


Participants of the Section Meeting of International Forestry Research (©K.  Hintz)

The Chair of Tropical Forestry hosted the very first Section Meeting of International Forestry Research (Sektionstreffen Internationale Waldforschung) on 29 and 30 November 2019,. The section “International Forestry” itself is a unit in the umbrella organization Deutscher Verband Forstlicher Forschungsanstalten (DVFFA). Our chair holder Prof. Pretzsch acts as the chairman of the “International Forestry” Section.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

The Chair of Tropical Forestry wishes you a Merry Christmas
and a happy New Year 2020!


Chair of Tropical Forestry Team (©Institute)

First MSc thesis within the FLOURISH project completed

Hi everyone. I am Ta Quoc Truong – a now-former Master student in Tropical Forestry at TU Dresden. In this summer semester, I conducted my research on lung bamboo (Bambusa longissima sp.nov) – an endemic bamboo species in my country – Vietnam. My research took place within the FLOURISH project.

Muong Hinh village landscape with degraded bamboo stands in the background, ©Ta Quoc Truong

Lung bamboo is a clump-type bamboo species that can be found in parts of Vietnam. Due to its natural abundance and wide distribution in Que Phong, a mountainous district in North-Central Vietnam, the area is also called “the kingdom of lung bamboo”. Lung bamboo is considered one of the most important natural resources in this region and many local communities are economically dependent on it to sustain their livelihoods. Despite its socio-economic importance, very little is scientifically documented on lung bamboo, and those few existing studies focus on botanical and ecological aspects.

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Tree Banks, tree collateral & blockchain for Community Forest Enterprises at COP25

Marcel presenting

Presentation in the European Union (EU) Pavilion at COP25. (©RECOFTC-Jenna Jadin)

How can we incentivize smallholder forestry to engage in Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR)? Limited tenure and market access, long gestation periods, biotic and abiotic risks, marginal, degraded and remote sites: All of these phenomena represent just some of the constraints for smallholders engaged in sustainable forest management or FLR. How to overcome them and ensure that community forest enterprises (CFEs) and smallholders can scale up, access markets and successfully contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation? Read More