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News from FLOURISH: Exploring forest landscapes with project partners in Nghe An, Vietnam

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Meeting with our FLOURISH project partners in Vinh, Nghe An province, Vietnam (© Benedikter)

In the first two weeks of April, Dr. Simon Benedikter, the research coordinator of the “Forest Landscape Restoration for Improved Livelihoods and Climate Resilience” (FLOURISH) project, went on a trip to Laos and Vietnam. Follow his exciting journey exploring the landscapes and examining the role of bamboo in local livelihoods.  Read More

Tropical Forestry alumni at international organizations: Carolle’s internship at the UNESCO office in Nepal

IMG_1405.JPGCarolle is an alumna of the Tropical Forestry Master Course at TU Dresden who is currently participating in the Carlo-Schmid-Program for internships in international organizations. In the following, she reports from her experiences and impressions at the UNESCO office in Kathmandu:

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Vacancy: Tutor for the Master Program “Tropical Forestry”

The Chair of Tropical Forestry is looking for a Tutor for the Master Program ‘Tropical Forestry’ from 01.09.2019.

Please see details of this position and how to apply at https://tud.stellenticket.de/de/offers/62951/ or the PDF document.

The deadline for applications is 15.05.2019.

My SUTROFOR Experience in Nepal

SUTROFOR Team pose

SUTROFOR Team at the welcome ceremony in Kunjo (© Ana)


I am delighted to share my great SUTROFOR experience from Nepal. I was nominated by the Institute to serve as a Teacher/Supervisor for the Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR) Spring School in Nepal.

The SUTROFOR is an Erasmus Mundus International Master Course which is organized and run by a consortium of five prominent European Universities in the field of forests and natural resource management. They include the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), Dresden University of Technology (Germany), Agroparis Tech (Montpellier-France), Bangor University (UK) and the University of Padova (Italy) (for details, see: https://sutrofor.eu). Read More

Joint field work for BSc resarch in Uganda

As the second team of students of the forestry department at TU Dresden, we, Veith, Pauline and Julia were in Uganda from October to December 2018 for conducting research within the WoodCluster Project. Read More

Agroforestry adoption and diffusion – a doctoral research in Ethiopia

Acacia decurrens at different stages of growth

Acacia decurrens at different stages of growth (© Amare)

Hi, my name is Dagninet Amare. I come from Amhara Region, Ethiopia and I am doing my doctoral thesis on agroforestry practices in Ethiopia; looking at it from the lens of the innovation system and farm level analysis. Last summer (July 10 until August 25) I conducted a preliminary survey as part of the research to identify the sites and innovations for the first phase of data collection. Here are some insights from my field work. Read More