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Master students attending the Congress ForestSAT-2016 and DAAD Workshop in Chile

The Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at University of Göttingen together with the Instituto Bosques y Sociedad, Facultad de Ciencias Forestales y Recursos Naturales at Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia (UACh) this year hosted the 6th International DAAD Alumni and Student Workshop on “The science policy gap regarding informed decisions in forest policy and forest management: what scientific information are policy makers really interested in?”

The workshop was held in Santiago de Chile from 12th to 20th November 2016. Read More

Welcome Day Inauguration

To start of the winter semester here at the Department of Forest Sciences in Tharandt, Prof. Erler (Chair of Forest Technology) and a group of longstanding professors (including Prof. Pretzsch, Chair of International Forestry) gave a warm welcome to the new master students of the three master courses (MSc Tropical Forestry, MSc Wood Technology and MSc Forestry). Read More

Study trip to the highlands of Ethiopia

All of us had heard about Ethiopia, none of us had ever visited the country at the Horn of Africa before.

The Institute of International Forestry and Forest products at Technische Universität Dresden offered an interesting research project under the CHAINS framework, Read More

Succesful Doctoral Defense of Francois Jost

Congratulations to Dr Francois Jost on his successful defense of his doctoral thesis on “Sustainable livelihood strategies for risk reduction in the Andes”! For this special event, Prof. Lojka from the Czech University of life science in Prague was invited/visited and together with TU Dresden supervisors Prof. Pretzsch and Prof Deegen joined in an enthusiastic and profound discussion …

Dr Jost was especially praised for his holistic approach on a very complex matter and his endurance in collecting a wide data set on social, ecological and financial data. His work displays also a practical usability for the Peruvian farmers and is “a big step ahead” also for the institute. Read More

A warm welcome to our new batch of tropical forestry master students!


We heartily welcome the 21st batch of master students to the winter semester at our institute.  Our new students come from 15 countries including: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nepal, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, India, Benin, China, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

Networking and collaborations at the Tropentag conference 2016, Vienna, Austria

We are delighted that Pedro Pardo, a Tropical Forestry master student in his second year and from Guatemala, took the opportunity to attend this year’s Tropentag conference in Vienna, Austria to present a poster he collaborated on.

Here he provides us his personal insights on the conference and recommendations for students interested in a research career. Read More