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Discussing forest rehabilitation in Africa with a German Member of Parliament

Mr. Andreas Lämmel (second row, third from left) together with Prof. Pretzsch, TUD staff members and African students at the Cotta Bau in Tharandt (©IIFFP)

Our Chair of Tropical Forestry welcomed in 2019, Mr. Andreas Lämmel – a Member of Parliament with his constituency in Dresden. Mr. Lämmel is the Chair of a working group “Africa” within his parliamentary party of the Christian Democratic Union. They are interested in afforestation activities in Africa. Mr. Lämmel himself has been already several times in Africa. Read More

Dynamics of Wood Value Chains for Smallholder Tree Farmers in Uganda


Field interview with transporter (©A. Samanya)

I am Samanya Abdul, an MSc student of Environmental and Natural Resources at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. My research topic was titled “Dynamics of wood value chains for smallholder tree farmers in Mubende district, Uganda”. This research was done with support from the WoodCluster project (funded by the German government in conjunction with the Technische Universität Dresden). Read More

Key Takeaways from Global Youth Forum 2020 on Cooperative Entrepreneurship

©International Cooperative Alliance_2

Some participants of the GYF 2020 in Kuching, Malaysia (©International Cooperative Alliance)

For doctoral candidates, attending continuing training to improve practical skills is essential, so as to not lose sight as what’s happening outside of academia. As my (Kendisha’s) doctoral research within the WoodCluster project is about forestry cooperatives for smallholders, I may have sufficient support for questions regarding the forestry part here in the institute, but not as much in the cooperative part. Thus, I am thankful to have been selected as a participant and to benefit from the trainings on cooperative entrepreneurship during the Global Youth Forum (GYF) 2020 on Cooperative Entrepreneurship. It took place between February 3rd and 7th 2020 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. It was organized by the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and hosted by Malaysia’s national cooperative body Angkasa.

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Small-scale farm forestry system: Research experience in Mubende, Uganda


James with a 78-year-old man from Nakasozi Village, Mubende District, who plants E. grandis (©Galandi)

I am Galandi James from Makerere University, Uganda. Within the WoodCluster project, I carried out research on wood production from small- to medium-scale Farm Forestry Systems in greater Mubende district, Uganda. Over the years, small- and medium tree planters received limited attention in both academic research and development programs. Despite the contribution from small scale tree farmers in reducing wood product supply gap, major attention has always been given to large-scale tree farmers during research studies causing limited scientific information on how small- and medium-scale tree farmers contribute to wood supply in Uganda. This implies a challenge and gap in research. Read More

My experience as alumna working for the institute as resource person for the master module “Planning at Project and Landscape Scale”

One of our recent alumni and DAAD scholarship holder from Ecuador, Nicole Acosta, contributed to the teaching of the Master program in Tropical Forestry by integrating her master thesis project to the module “Planning at Project and Landscape Scale”. This integration benefits both Nicole and the current students. Nicole reports her experiences in the following article. 

La Libertad3

Corn monocultures in the lowlands of La Libertad parish, the case study site. (© N. Acosta)

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Vacancy: Tutor for the Master Program “Tropical Forestry”

The Chair of Tropical Forestry is looking for a Tutor for the Master Program ‘Tropical Forestry’ from 01.05.2020.

Please see details of this position and how to apply at https://tud.stellenticket.de/de/offers/76005/?search%5Bfulltextsearch%5D=tutor&namespace=jobs_science or the PDF document. 

The deadline for applications is 28.02.2020.