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Researching Medicinal Plants in Ethiopia

In spring 2019, Katharina Vöhler, a Geography bachelor student at the TU Dresden, went to Ethiopia to do field work under the framework of the Phyto-Wood Synergies project. In the following, she reports her experiences doing research on medicinal plants. 


Farmer’s homegarden in Chefasine Kebele, Ethiopia (©Vöhler)

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New publications on forests and livelihood in Cameroon


Dr. Jude Kimengsi, our post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Tropical Forestry, has recently published two articles about the linkages between forestry and livelihood diversification strategies, such as beekeeping and eco-tourism, in Cameroon. This has enriched the research activities in the Chair of Tropical Forestry in the theme of forestry and rural development. Moreover, insights from his research project has been used for our recent developmental workshop in Bonn. Read More

Developmental Workshop at GSI Bonn


Participants of the workshop (© M. Kabi)

What leads to migration and non-migration in rural areas? Can employment creation and increased income reduce inter-communal violence? What is the contribution of forest management to rural development?

These questions were debated among participants of the AGEP-developmental debate “Stabilizing rural areas and preventing long-term migration in the Global South”. The workshop took place at the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut (GSI) in Bonn on March 21-23 2019. Some MSc and PhD students together with Dr. Domke, Dr. Kimengsi and Prof. Pretzsch attended the workshop.

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News from FLOURISH: Exploring forest landscapes with project partners in Nghe An, Vietnam

photo 1

Meeting with our FLOURISH project partners in Vinh, Nghe An province, Vietnam (© Benedikter)

In the first two weeks of April, Dr. Simon Benedikter, the research coordinator of the “Forest Landscape Restoration for Improved Livelihoods and Climate Resilience” (FLOURISH) project, went on a trip to Laos and Vietnam. Follow his exciting journey exploring the landscapes and examining the role of bamboo in local livelihoods.  Read More

Tropical Forestry alumni at international organizations: Carolle’s internship at the UNESCO office in Nepal

IMG_1405.JPGCarolle is an alumna of the Tropical Forestry Master Course at TU Dresden who is currently participating in the Carlo-Schmid-Program for internships in international organizations. In the following, she reports from her experiences and impressions at the UNESCO office in Kathmandu:

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Vacancy: Tutor for the Master Program “Tropical Forestry”

The Chair of Tropical Forestry is looking for a Tutor for the Master Program ‘Tropical Forestry’ from 01.09.2019.

Please see details of this position and how to apply at https://tud.stellenticket.de/de/offers/62951/ or the PDF document.

The deadline for applications is 15.05.2019.