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Discussing forest rehabilitation in Africa with a German Member of Parliament

Our Chair of Tropical Forestry welcomed in 2019, Mr. Andreas Lämmel – a Member of Parliament with his constituency in Dresden. Mr. Lämmel is the Chair of a working group “Africa” within his parliamentary party of the Christian Democratic Union….

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Learning by climbing – Tropical Forestry students elaborated organizational aspects of a National Park in-situ

Nature as classroom: only a 30 min. train trip from Dresden, the National Park Sächsische Schweiz (Saxony Switzerland Website) offers a unique and fantastic landscape which attracts tourists from all over the world. Guided by the Park Ranger Jens Posthoff,…

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Greetings from Vogtland vol. 6 – Smallholder forestry: from demo plots to education trail.

Our master students recently participated in a 4-day excursion in the Vogtland-region, and learned many different aspects of forestry and wood products through visits in local forest areas and companies. This blog post series, written by the participating students themselves,…

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Sächsische Schweiz: From rock climbing to protected areas administration

Could you guess where free climbing was born?  Yes, in Saxony. To be more precise in the “Elbsandstaingebirge” as it is called in German and which can be easily translated to English with just three words, the Elbe sandstone mountains.

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Tasting traditional German Food

Although our institute usually deals with questions on the social and ecological situation in the tropics, this week our international team gathered at lunch time for a traditional dish: boiled potatoes with quark and linseed oil. This dish has its…

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Learning from German technologies for Africa

An excursion took our guests from Africa and colleagues from the TU Dresden to the Upper Lusatia near the Polish border. It was part of a symposium on wood-based innovation in August, organized by our institute. The excursion gave insight…

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