Master Course “Tropical Forestry”


The Master’s Course “Tropical Forestry” is a internationalized education programme from the “Chair of Tropical Forestry”. Focusing aspects of econonomic, social and ecologigal sustainability as well as rural development, it is one of the few traditional courses in Germany that can offer integrated spezialization in terms of tropical ecology, forest and development policy and resource management.

Well integrated in relatet research institutions such as the DAAD and the EU-supported Erasmus Mundus Programme, students can benefit from the highly established research network and traditional gained knowledge of the teaching staff.

The Course

In the Master course “Tropical Forestry” the study units Tropical Forestry and Management and Sustainable Tropical Forestry are offered. At the beginning of the study the students have to bindingly select one of the two study units. When having chosen Sustainable Tropical Forestry corresponding study performances have to be rendered abroad, generally at a partner university of TU Dresden. In this way, by the second study unit the international study program SUTROFOR is integrated.

Curriculum new

Download MSc Curriculum as Pdf

Further detailed information about the master’s course can be seen at our  FLYER or PRESENTATION.


If you are interested to apply for the Master course, please have a look at our application website. Here you can find all the necessary information to apply either for a DAAD funded scholarship or a self financed M.Sc. course position.

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